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Latest New Designs in 2023-24

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Hi everyone and welcome to my Australian Cross Stitch Designs!


I began with Aussie Christmas designs because they were hard to come by and have since added many more categories including the popular baby birth sampler range.

Here you will also find a wide variety of designs for many occasions in sizes suitable for ornaments, cards and wall hangings.


Have fun and I hope to hear from you soon.




Charts are available as PDF files by email only

I accept payment by Direct Deposit and Paypal Just email

For details please refer to the order page  for print and post and anything else you require

JKs Cross Stitch Supplies

420.Paddy the Wombat

Stitch count 57x90

Finished size 16x10cm

$5 by email


425.Love You Wombat

Stitch count 60x82

11 x 15 cm

$5 by email


426.Love You Koala

Stitch count 78x85

14 x 15 cm

$5 by email


436.Animal Babies Birth Sampler

Stitch count 100x252

Finished size 18x46cm

$10 by email


437.Possum Birth Sampler

Stitch count 100x252

Finished size 18x46cm

$10 by email


438. Hugs and Kisses Birth Sampler

Stitch count 95x209

Finished size 19x38cm

$10 by email


439.More Squeezy Hugs

Stitch count 56x57

Finished size 10x10cm

$5 by email


440.Easter Bilby

Stitch count 51x74

Finished size 9x13cm

$5 by email


441.Anzac Koala and Kiwi

Stitch count 93x75

Finished size 17x13.5cm

$5 by email


443.Kangaroo Birth Sampler

Stitch count 100x250

Finished size 18x46cm

$10 by email


444.Spring Time Snooze

Stitch count 66x73

12 x 13 cm

$5 by email


445.Spring Time Joey

Stitch count 51x87

9.5x 14.5cm

$5 by email


446.Koala in Mitten 2023

Stitch count 46x66

8.3x 12cm

$5 by email


447.Wombat in Mitten 2023

Stitch count 45x66

8.2x 12cm

$5 by email


448.Aussie Advent 2023

Stitch count 190x207

35x 38cm

$12 by email


449.Bauble –Bees

Stitch count 55x68

10x 12cm

$5 by email


450.Bauble –Koala

Stitch count 55x68

10x 12cm

$5 by email


451.Bauble –taz Devil

Stitch count 55x68

10x 12cm

$5 by email



Stitch count 77x140

14x 25cm

$7 by email


453.All of Us

Stitch count 83x67

15x 12cm

$5 by email


Endangered Species Ornie Series

455.Aussie Valentine

Stitch count 65x68

12x 11cm

$5 by email


456.St Patricks Day

Stitch count 73x86

13x 16cm

$5 by email


457.Aussie Eggs

Stitch count 97x81

33x 28cm

$5 by email


458.Koala Frame Mat

Stitch count 95x128

$6 by email


459.Mum Galah Frame Mat

Stitch count 100x115

$6 by email